Step 2: Contributions

The second step in the process is to determine the contributions made by each of the parties during the relationship. These contributions may be direct or indirect financial or non financial.

The direct financial contributions may include such items as cash or real estate or motor vehicles that each party will introduce into the relationship. It may also include payments made by each of the parties from savings or income that are used to pay mortgages or loans. The indirect financial contributions may include inheritances or gifts.

The non financial contributions could represent physical work undertaken by the parties as to the renovation of the family home or other property or the research work undertaken in locating a property for purchase, the attendance at open house inspections of properties and the selection of the home or the furniture and furnishings.

The contributions as homemaker and parent are also important and are taken into account. The partner who ensures the home is cleaned and maintained or looks after the garden is acknowledged as providing a valuable non financial contribution.

The partner who devotes time to the parenting of the child or children in such activities as nurturing, assisting with homework, bathing, feeding, driving to sporting and other functions is also acknowledged as providing a valuable non financial contribution.

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