What is elder law?

Elder law deals with issues relating to life events and milestones for those in our community who at an advancing age require advice and guidance in such matters as:

  • Delegation to family members of decision making powers in financial, property, healthcare and accommodation situations
  • Preparation of powers of attorney documentation
  • Life and death issues which may include arrangements for or termination of medical assistance involving advance care directives
  • Making wills
  • Determination of whether capacity to provide instructions for wills and powers of attorney documentation exists
  • Challenging wills
  • Separation of couples by ill health and what that may mean in terms of family circumstances
  • Protection of assets
  • Intergenerational conflict relating to the finances of an elder person
  • Grandparents rights as to grandchildren

Fay can talk to you or your family members about the best way to move forward in arranging your affairs.   Please telephone or email me to make an appointment.

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