• Thank you for your efficiency in today’s meeting – you did a great job.

    Ian C
  • Fay, I wish to express my appreciation and that of my family, for your professionalism and dedication to the preparation and general carriage of this drawn out matter in helping Meredith and her children. Whatever the eventual outcome, we certainly believe that only the best presentation was done and we could never expect more than you gave us.

    David B
  • I have had dealings with Fay Frischer in relation to preparation of my Will and in a Family Law matter regarding a de facto relationship financial settlement. In both areas I found her advice, help and action to be thorough, detailed, open and highly organised, I enjoyed a personal rapport with her as well as a respect for her knowledge and skill in determining the best outcome for myself. I would recommend her professional services to anyone who needs thorough and trustworthy legal advice and action in these matters. Again, thank you for your effort and attention on my behalf over the past few months

    Andrew M
  • Thank you for your advice and the manner in which you have assisted me through this unpleasant business.

    Karen G
  • Fay, thanks for your concern, I am OK, I just take one day at a time, which is all I can do for now. Thank you again for all your help over these past few years.

    Susan B
  • Thank you, Fay for your diligence and managing to get all of this work completed before Christmas, you are AMAZING! I am so excited; this year is shaping up to be a whole new start for me. Thanks for your contribution to that.

    Carolyn D
  • Dear Fay, thank you for both the heartfelt cards you have sent me since I moved. I can’t believe it’s been over three months already. We have settled into our new life slowly but confidently. So much work and so little time, as always I wish all the best to you and your family over Christmas and the New Year. Thank you for your support during the year, it helped me become a stronger person. Be sure to be in touch in the future.

    Alenka L
  • Thank you very much Fay for all the help in looking after me and doing the work in such an approachable and prompt manner. I really appreciate the way you handled my affairs , especially since it was such a busy time of year – just before Christmas. I would highly recommend you in the future.

    Ainsley B
  • Thank you Fay. We are both extremely satisfied with your work in this matter and thank you for your efforts on our behalf and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Susan E & Ken C
  • Hi Fay, Thanks for you professional efforts here once again. You were great to work with and I hope your business continues to go well.


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