It can sometimes be a difficult, emotional and time-consuming process to put your affairs in order but you want to know that your loved ones are properly taken care of and will receive an appropriate distribution of the assets in your estate.

Wills and management of your estate

A will is a legal document that comes into operation following your death and can cover many issues such as:

  • how you want your assets to be distributed
  • how you want your liabilities to be paid
  • who will look after your children if they’re still young
  • how much money you’d like to give to charities
  • your specific plans for your funeral or cremation

While it is not pleasant to consider your eventual passing, you should ensure that you do not leave a situation whereby your assets will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy rather than in accordance with your wishes.

With over 44 years experience, Fay can help you with issues relating to preparation of your will or management of a deceased estate in NSW.

Challenging a will

If you are a disappointed beneficiary as you have been left out of a will, or you believe that the will gives you an unfair share of the estate, then you may have grounds to contest, challenge or dispute the will. For example, you may form the view that the deceased lacked the necessary capacity to make a will.

Fay can work with you to determine if you are able to challenge or contest a will that you think is unfair and then guide you through the process.

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