Actions to take on separation or contemplated separation

If you are considering separation or on separation from your partner there are a number of self preservation actions that you should consider in moving forward such as:

  • Change your will especially if you own property in your own name and not as a joint tenant with your partner
  • Start a new bank account in your sole name and do not continue making payments from your salary/income source into the joint account
  • Inform the bank that on cheque accounts or interest bearing deposit you should authorise payment
  • Discuss with your bank the preferred method of operating a joint account to prevent automatic deductions and netbanking that strip the account and leave you with no funds
  • Ensure that the mortgage payments are maintained and if this is no longer possible take immediate steps to seek a moratorium on the payments until you can resolve urgent issues with your partner
  • Change your email address and change the password on the email account
  • Change passwords on any operating bank accounts or even email addresses if you cannot change them
  • Review your nominated beneficiary in a superannuation fund
  • Consult an accountant and even a financial planner for financial strategies to move forward
  • Consult a lawyer for legal advice
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