Congratulations, you are about to enter into a new de facto relationship or a marriage.You should think carefully about how you wish to sort out your finances for the future.

The Family Law Act allows you to make a financial agreement as to the division of your personal property, real estate, finances and debts in the event that you separate. You will often hear of such agreements being referred to as pre nuptial agreements or pre nups.

Parties may also enter into a financial agreement at any time during the de facto relationship or marriage or following a separation or after a divorce. This document must be in writing and signed by each of you. You must receive legal advice as to the agreement by independent lawyers. This document is not lodged with the court.

The requirements to ensure that the document has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Family Law Act are quite detailed. Fay is well able to advise you as to all aspects of the financial agreement.


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