Parties in a dispute will try to resolve the parenting matters as quickly as possible.

Whether parents are in dispute with each other or even grandparents who step in to care for the children and seek orders in court, the principles remain the same.

The court’s primary concern will be to determine the best interest of each child involved in the dispute. This may involve an examination of many factors.

Fay is experienced in assisting parties in such emotional circumstances and to advise you as to the considerations which may include:

  • The need to protect and safeguard the interests of the children
  • The importance of continuing a relationship with all parties not only the parents but also grandparents and even step parents
  • The potential damage to a child involved in a dispute
  • The importance of identifying issues early to resolve options for settlement
  • The necessity to seek orders that are achievable in all of the circumstances and do not represent a wish list that is unattainable

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