What is in the best interests of my child?

Where will my child live?  With whom will my child spent time?

The primary consideration for a court in parenting cases is to determine what will be in the best interests of your child.  The court has to examine the relationship with the child’s parents and any other persons relevant to your child.

Today our society involves a blend of significant relationships for your child, such as grandparents, step parents and siblings from new partnerships.

Who is the most or more appropriate person to look after your child in the event of separation and repartnering?

The Family Court has looked at this issue and recently determined that it is immaterial as to how close the relationship is between significant other persons in the life of a child.  In a contest, the relationship with the parent has an elevated status and will generally trump others.  But be aware that each case will turn on its own special and individual circumstances and facts.

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