I am about to see my lawyer? What should I do for preparation?

As this will be your first step forward there are a number of documents that will be important to bring along to a first conference.  Your lawyer will want to verify your identity so remember to pack in your bag a photo ID card such as your licence or passport.

The following list is not a selection in any order or priority and you may actually think of documents outside this list:

Parenting issues

  • Copies or an original of birth certificates for children
  • If you and your partner have attended a counselling session and a report or parenting plan issued, bring this set of documentation
  • Any school report cards that may highlight your child’s scholastic performance (good or bad)
  • If you have already been to court and any orders were made (interim or final)

Financial matters

  • Copies or original of contracts for purchase or sale of real estate
  • Documentary evidence of inheritances such as a will of the deceased or Probate documents
  • Documentary evidence of a windfall such as lotto or lottery winnings
  • Trust deeds
  • Taxation returns for you, your partner, companies or trusts for the past 3 years
  • Wage slips to evidence income
  • Evidence as to your current superannuation entitlements
  • The last 12 months bank statements for you, your partner, companies or trusts
  • Credit card statements for the last 12 months bank statements for you, your partner, companies or trusts
  • Evidence of debts such as taxation liabilities, hire purchase or loan statements


If you have previously consulted another lawyer you will need to obtain the file from the lawyer so that up to date information is available as to the status of your matter.

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