Best parenting of my children on separation

Your children should be given the best protection in life. They will not thrive in an atmosphere of hostility within a household. Arguments in the presence of the children or within earshot are unsettling and harmful. Domestic violence is unacceptable conduct and will scar your children.

When you and your partner separate you should consider the importance of minimising emotional risk to your children and ensure that you treat safety as a primary concern. You should be guided by what will at all times be in the best interests of your children during the separation process.

How will you promote and encourage long term family relationships within the family, with the siblings and with important and significant people in the lives of your children such as grandparents?

Your lawyer will be able to advise you as to the professional counselling and mediation services available to assist you during the separation and discuss with you how you should cooperatively parent your children. When is the best time to talk to your children about separation and how the topic is approached will determine how well they will cope as the family unit is unravelled.

It is essential that you take legal and counselling advice early in the separation process to work though the conflicts in an effective and timely manner within the guidelines of the family law legislation.

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