Domestic violence

We are all horrified in hearing about domestic violence.  Just look at the newspapers and listen on radio or TV.  For example, what about the Victorian man who threw his child over the bridge on her first day of school?  That is domestic violence in the extreme.  He was found guilty of murder and yet the jury of men and women deliberated the issue and did not think it was a foregone conclusion that he should be found guilty of this heinous crime. (refer to SMH 29.03.2011)

domestic-violenceDomestic violence can be defined as actions that are threatening such as to cause fear in the minds of others.  It can be economic or physical and may be the result of financial or emotional deprivation as well as physical abuse.

Domestic violence shatters the lives of many households in one way or another.  It is hidden in many instances.  Do not think however that it is always the male partner in the household who is the sole aggressor.  Women are also just as physically and emotionally threatening in action or demeanor and in a frenzied outburst can be just as dangerous as the male counterpart.

And, do you want to know the worst?  It is all conducted within earshot or in the presence of the children.  What is then the short term and long term emotional impact on the children within the home environment?

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