Fay will discuss with you the following details:

  • Who should be appointed as the executor of your will
  • Who should be appointed as a guardian of your children if they are under the age of 18 years
  • Eligible beneficiaries under your will
  • How to avoid a Family Provision Act claim being made on your estate by a family member or friend
  • What happens to jointly owned property such as real estate or a jointly held bank account on death

Fay can discuss with you as an executor and trustee of a will some of the challenges you will need to work through to administer an estate that will include:

  • How to deal with missing beneficiaries
  • How to deal with the estate funds when a beneficiary has predeceased the testator
  • How to prove the death of the testator
  • How to establish a date of death of a testator
  • How does the court deal with an informal will
  • What if the will has disappeared altogether

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